Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sickies = no sewing time

I hate to be this way... This isn't a place for excuses or feeling like I need to explain anything....
Re-purposed photo... The weekender got a bit more use last weekend!
...but I'm feeling pretty blah right now. I have had big plans for sewing the past two weeks and instead we had a dose of double pneumonia (my daughter - she's fine now thankfully), and a heart attack and unplanned triple bypass (my dad). Thankfully my dad is on the mend, set to be released from the hospital soon. He's strong and active, which will help him recover. I was lucky to have had the means to be able to hop on a bus and be back home (5 hours away) to be with him in recovery (and to support my mom in this exhausting situation).

So instead of sewing I've been a) administering breathing treatments and b) hanging out at "home away from home" (the hospital's version of Ronald McDonald House).

Now that I have the chance to sew I'm a little pooped.

I was pretty lucky to make it back here in time for the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild meeting today! It was a sew in and of course I didn't accomplish any sewing. I just chatted the whole time. :) That was nice. It's a start to a gradual re-start to my sewing time. Time to sew.

Oh yeah, and forget about a day off work this week - we're going on a field trip with a certain preschool class instead. :)


  1. Oh heavens that's a lot to deal with. Glad to hear everyone is on the mend.

  2. Wow, that's a LOT to deal with. Glad to hear everything/everyone is getting better.

  3. Glad everyone is feeling better. You will get your grove back as soon as you get some rest.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I'm glad that he is doing well now, though!!

  5. aieeee - that's a crazy week! I'm glad everyone is on the mend xx

  6. Sorry you've been having a rough time! Glad to hear everyone is on the up and up now :)