Thursday, October 4, 2012

1000 pins!

No, not sewing pins... Pinterest pins! 

My "No Pins, No Hand Sewing" binding tutorial has been pinned and re-pinned over 1000 times! How crazy is that?? I understand this isn't such a huge deal to a lot of people, but for me that's hard to believe! 

Look at it here: Hobby Lobby pinned it. My first thought? "OMG Hobby Lobby knows who I am!" lol.

I've been watching this pin - pinned by Rashida (you know, the fabulous designer of that Washi fabric!) - she has a lot of pinterest followers and as a result that pin has been re-pinned nearly 1000 times! Crazy!

I'm celebrating a bit in the little things today - it's pretty fun to see so many people liking my tutorial. If you've followed the tips in that tutorial I'd love to hear how it went and even see some pics of your binding! :) I have a little flickr group - feel free to add your pics there too!