Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Last week when my parents were in town. I took the top panel off of my Juki to see if my dad could figure out where the wiring was off causing the light to not work. (aka a problem not big enough to pay for it to be fixed). 

what my juki machine looks like inside
Janice's guts!
My repair guy at Vogue told me to open it up and see if I could see anywhere that the mechanical parts were rubbing on that wiring circuit. Dad works with electric / wiring etc... so why not? 

Well first off WHOA there's a lot going on in there! I was nervous like a parent would be while their child was in the operating room for a minor surgery. I was worried about things not being put back where they were supposed to be. 

Those little whitish loops up there are the oil wicks. 

The oil wicks are AWESOME! lol. I'm not sure why I didn't think of them looking like that... but they soak up the oil and gently deliver it to the moving parts inside. 

We did not find any weak or damaged parts in the wiring... so it's probably something in that control panel... not worth messing with to fix. It looks like I'll be looking for a new light source soon! 

Hi Dad! 

We got the machine put all back together and tested everything to be sure!

She's working just perfectly - but still no light. 

I'd take a perfect stitch over a light any day!


  1. Maybe it could be the bulbs? I put in a new one and within a day it blew! I was not impressed. So now Jano has no light as I really cant be bothered to buy a new one again!

  2. I have the same machine (I think) and above the light bulb, there's a little switch, see if that didn't get flipped by accident.

    And I do want to say a HUGE thank you for posting this! I didn't realize you could do that and oil the machine! I will be doing this from now on of course.

  3. I know this you have got this issue resolved one way or the other by now...but did you know there is a yahoo group for the Juki 98E....but we/they talk about the 2010, and the Exceed and anything Juki. There are a couple guys on there that have really helped others just by walking them through what to do...timing problems when they have sewn and hit something, etc.

    It is how I decided on the Juki....I joined the group and read and read...in all the reading I done at that time, there was only one problem that was the Juki's fault and not operator error.

    anyway, it is just a thought if you ever run into any other problems.