Friday, October 26, 2012

So many ideas!

So the blog here has been lacking in recently sewn items - that's what happens when you have house guests, then recovery week, then family in town! 

Pretty Little Pouch Hop - Pouches I've made in the past year -- That's not even all of them!
A lot of the my free/sewing time this past week or two has been dedicated to organizing and planning. Elaine and I have just announced our very first blog hop - the Happy Little Pouch Hop, Shruti and I are doing the Know Thy Machine blog hop, Doll Quilt Swap will be starting soon (I'm sharing the Head Mama role this time!), etc etc etc. :) It's all happy planning though! I love that this blog has allowed me to create a community focused on sewing and creativity!

Along with all that planning, I'm itching to make pouches! HLPH planning makes me want to try all the new pouch tutorials! I have some new ideas too. It's a good thing - since Elaine and I have decided to challenge each other to make one pouch a day during our pouch hop! That's a lot of pouches!! :) It's perfect timing though, pouches make perfect Christmas gifts! 

I've got so many projects running through my head right now I can't keep them all straight! 

I'm going to plan on sewing all night tomorrow night. Here's my list of things that I should work on:

  • October bee block - and packaging up (September's block too so I can mail them! eek I'm such a bad bee person right now!)
  • Something fun to drop in Shruti's package. :) I can't just send a pouch can I? If I'm going through the trouble to mail something to India, I might as well make it worth it!
  • FMQ Lindsey's quilt - it's all ready!
  • Prep binding for Michelle's Quilt
  • Try out a new Pellon product... see if it'll do what I think it will!
Just a short list there... see when I sew I like to have options laid out so that I can do the type of sewing that I'm in the mood for (mind numbing, creative, all attention needed, finishing). I always like to make lists and feel compelled to cross off one or two things during that sewing session.

PS: I wish I were at Quilt Market right now!


  1. I'm going to be spending the rest of the day/evening sewing over here, too! I have sew much to get done...well, at least that I want to get done! One of the things I'm going to try to work on is a pillow for a private swap and I'm going to use your pattern printout!

  2. Love your pouch mosaic! I really love making pouches too. I also try to keep lists of what needs to be sewn...especially since I tend to get distracted from the deadline stuff (like my bee blocks!). Hoping to make some progress tonight!

  3. Uh oh-- you mentioned that we will be making a pouch a day! We're accountable now :)