Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Finished Tova!

I finished my Tova Tunic (find the pattern here) a while ago now. I blogged about it a bit in process, but I haven't given my full blog review of it yet. Why not? Because I couldn't seem to get a flattering picture of it (taken by my dear husband). For whatever reason my husband is unable to take a picture that includes both 1) me with a flattering look on my face and 2) a good representation of the clothes I'm wearing.

I finally got my mother in law to take a picture of it this weekend. I actually wore the Tova to a party this weekend while on vacation with my husband's extended family! I received a lot of really great comments about the top, although it was socially necessary to rave about the top after Wally announced to everyone near me that I did indeed make my shirt!

I think the Tova Tunic turned out pretty fantastically! The pattern went together without any problems. I got hung up while working on this top because I was simply afraid of the next step. It was a huge jump for me - following a pattern, and using a light flowy (and SYNTHETIC!) fabric. Aside from my own mind making me think it was going to be hard - I found it to be really pretty straightforward!

The Tova Tunic didn't live up to the difficulty level that I thought it would be. I had the most trouble with the gathered and bound sleeve cuffs. The first cuff was so fiddly (the lightweight fabric was the problem!) - I ended up using Pellon 805 Wonder Under Tape that I had on hand - and pressed the fusible tape along the folded edge, then pressing/fusing it in place before top-stitching it down. This helped a TON! I did the same for the collar and the bottom hem.

As for the length, I cut my pattern pieces for the dress, then took the hem up by about 4" with a 1.5" hem. So it's a tunic length and is pretty comfortable with jeans. If/when I make another Tova I will add slits there, to add a bit more comfort at the hem. I found the sizing of the pattern to be true to my measurements but I must admit I'm really not used to wearing shirts that are not made of knit... It feels a bit snug in the back of the shoulder. Not bad though.

I have been considering making one out of a not too stretchy knit. I wonder how that would work out. It surely would be pretty cozy!

PS: I enjoyed reading along with the Tova Sew-along while working on my Tova. I highly recommend reading along if you make one yourself!


  1. Haha! I'm laughing about the "socially necessary" part...but it turned out cute, so you deserved the compliments! Oh, and I love your red glasses. I really need to get brave and make this one!

  2. Congratulations on finishing it! It's great to be able to show something off that you've made! =D

  3. Your top looks great! I went to see my family over the weekend and took mine so that I could have my dad's wife try it on (to judge for size so I could make her one for Christmas). Well, it fit her very nice and loosely and she loved it so much that I just let her keep it :-/

  4. your tova looks wonderful! maybe when you and sally make your next one, i will actually get around to making mine. did you find the pattern pretty true to size?