Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WIP Wednesday!

Is it Wednesday again? I don't feel like I've been accomplishing very much sewing in the past couple weeks. So here we go - the never ending list (I wouldn't really want it to ever end!).

Tova Tunic is FINISHED! There's no real evidence of this though since my husband is terrible at taking flattering pictures. Heck I would be ok if he took semi-alright pictures! lol. It's finished and I really like it. I'd like a little more give in the back of the shoulders, but that may just be because I'm not used to wearing a shirt that's not knit.

Box pouch for Shruti!
Pouch for Shruti is FINISHED! This has been on the back burner for a while. Look around at my fabulous blog - Shruti designed it for me, and as 'payment' we agreed on a pouch with a tiny star! I sure hope she likes it because I'm pretty fond of it too! I'm hoping to get it in the mail soon - I wonder how long it takes to mail something to India?

Progress Made:
Cathedral Window QAL block is finished - but I still need to type out the instructions and edit the pictures in... I should be doing that now! :) Keep your eyes open next week for my block!

Bee Block September - I'm a little late on this one - but I do have the hexies all basted, I just need to decide on a good block layout and finish it!

Bella Quilt - It's getting big!!
Bella Quilt - I drafted the paper pattern for the next round. I tried out the paper pieced design but then ditched it since it wasn't going quite as planned. I picked up some extra fabric to do that section in one print.

No Progress:
Lindsey's Quilt / {Sew} Beautiful Bee 2012 quilt - I really should get this basted and start quilting it!

Mug Rugs for Christmas - I should really challenge myself to making one mug rug top a day until they're all finished. I want to quilt them all in one sitting... 13 total!

3E's Swap - still gathering ideas and supplies.

Hm... I'm sure there are more things on this list, but that's all I can think of offhand!


  1. I love that you found a use for the AMH ribbon!

  2. Love the little tab on teh box bag. I love bog bags :)

  3. oh my - even the detail shot of your pouch is downright awesome!!! Lovely work and detailing! And your Bella - oh my gosh! You are designing this as you go? It is totally inspiring and beautiful!! Thanks for linking up to wip Wednesday where I've had the pleasure of guest-hosting this week!