Monday, October 15, 2012

Vacation, House Guests, and a Bit of Sewing!

It's been quite a week here! Last weekend my family took a trip out of town for the weekend to enjoy some fall festivities! We had a lot of fun, and then returned home just in time for my best friend from college, Michelle, to come stay for the week! 

Whew! Vacation and house guests! That does put a little bit of a cramp in one's sewing - but you wouldn't know it since I'd scheduled a couple posts ahead of time! 

While Michelle was here she suggested that maybe she could try quilting for the first time - of course I agreed! She chose this sweet kindle cover tutorial from Clover & Violet. Michele was inspired by this cross pillow - so we did a simple fused layout like this for the pieced section!

Michelle - quilting for the first time!
Michelle owns a sewing machine, and has sewn a couple receiving blankets, and skirts. This week she got a crash course in rotary cutting, piecing, straight line quilting, binding, and seam ripping. Ok so she didn't have to seam rip very much at all - but I was surprised that she'd never had to seam rip before!

The beautiful finished kindle cover!!
I'm very impressed with how her kindle cover turned out! We had a blast picking out that binding fabric at Joann's (while Michelle showed off her quilted cover piece to the ladies at the cutting counter). I may or may not have bought a few yards of Denise Schmidt fabric for a whopping $3/yd!
{Sew} Beautiful Bee - September!
While Michelle sewed I worked on a few random projects. I worked on finishing up the last of 13 mug rug tops that were commissioned by my MIL for Christmas presents. I also finished last month's bee block (oops - way late on this one!), and pieced the 2" square borders for my next Bubble Quilt

Border for the next bubble quilt!


  1. stitchy house guests are the best kind :-D

  2. Such a fun way to sew. It's nice to be in a group and have someone to chat too =D