Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chicago Modern Quilt Guild Scarf Dying

Today was our monthly meeting with the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild. We had a guest speaker Sara Hochhauser, who taught us how to dye silk scarves using a special kind of dye that sets instantly (and doesn't dye your skin!).
the dye concentrate

I watched as the first set of people worked on their scarves... unsure of what I might like to try to do. My dilemma was that I knew I'd never wear the scarf. And I wanted to try something different and that I might use for another project. So I went with making pleats to dye stripes... then re-folding and adding another color over it. My thoughts are that I might be able to cut this scarf up and use it in a quilt of sorts. I've never sewn with silk so that may or may not work... but at least it's something usable. I really love love love how it turned out! 

By the way, everyone's scarves turned out great!!! I loved the variety and creativity! I took a lot of pictures so feel free to head on over to my flickr page to see more action shots! Also check out the CMQG flickr as I'm sure others will be adding their pics too! 
This was a really fun project. Thanks to our program committee and to Sara for teaching us!!
My finished scarf!
Most of us with our finished scarves!!!

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  1. Wow, really the stripes on yours! So jealous!

  2. Nice! If you figure out what to sew with that make sure and share it! I am so not a scarf person even though there are so many pretty ones out there now!

  3. Emily, excellent blogging! You nicely captured the spirit of the afternoon.

  4. ooh thanks for doing such a great post on this I'm sorry to have missed because it looks so much fun! I love all the pics

  5. That looks like a lot of fun! I've never really worn scarves (here in hot Florida), but these sure are pretty!

  6. What a great class--I need one of these!! Love the scarf!

  7. I recently learned to die scarves, but ours weren't done with brushes, we simply dropped die on the fabric as it was squash into a sandwich bag, and they all turned out with such character. It was a lot of fun. Your scarves look bigger than the ones we did, I would much rather have your size, the ones we did you can tie your hair back or tie around your neck for color/decoration, but not be able to keep the wind from tangling your hair(which is what I use them for).