Monday, December 6, 2010

New list of christmas sewing:

As promised...
My Pink Hair
  • Pillowcase for Dad (do I have fabric for this? lol... possibly need to buy a yard of man fabric)
  • finish piecing top of Wally's quilt
    • baste, quilt, and bind.
  • Finish sewing annoying gather pouch thing... (It's really not that hard I need to just do it)
  • Make another zippered pouch (not gathered, probably the boxed pouch style)
  • Sew a dress for Allie
  • Think of something for my brother in law... could I make him a boxed pouch?
  • Heat pack for BIL who keeps injuring himself.
old Christmas list... nearly finished.
  • Finish the top of Katee's Quilt.
    • piece the backing, quilt, prepare binding, and attach binding (ready to be hand sewn at thanksgiving).
  • Buy fabric for the backing of Gia's baby quilt. 
    • quilt, prep binding, etc. Decide what hand embroidery to do.
  • Start / finish / decide what I'm sending for the mug rug swap (Send date: Nov 22-29)
  • Quilt, embroider, and finish two swap pillows for the Pillow Talk Swap (one for partner and one for me). (Send date: Dec. 15) --not sent yet though!
  • Make pillow cases to match Katee and Rosemarie's quilts.
  • Design quilt labels for Katee and Rosemarie's quilts.
  • Buy fabric/start sewing quilt for Wally. (He wants me to make him one for Christmas... lofty goals I think! lol Part way pieced, need to buy a couple more yards of kona ash.
  • Make another ruffle dress for Allie for Christmas.
  • Make a pillow out of mod bento's from swap for a Christmas gift

    I've also gotten a couple other things finished.
    • One purse/wallet/clutch  for a Christmas present. (another is nearly finished... and will be once I'm done being frustrated with it! lol
    • One zip pouch for a Christmas present.
    • One pillowcase for another Christmas present.


  1. I like your pink hair!

    I just finished sewing some pillowcases yesterday, for my uncle. I used some Superman fabric. I think that he'll really like them...

  2. Love the pink hair, that's fun!

    And zippers? I'm about to crawl under my sewing desk, I've never worked with zippers because I have this silly fear that I will somehow sew myself to a zipper, should I ever try. That, and I seem to think they're a bit challenging to work with, so good for you! You've got a boatload of zippers on your list!

  3. The pink looks great! Good work on your lists :-)

    ~ Meagan

  4. You are so brave to go pink!!!

    I've been trying to respond to your comment via email but can't get a reply through - thanks so much for your positive comments about my pillow talk swap covers - It's a relief that someone likes them :)