Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pepsi Refresh - Vote for John Tracey Clinic!

Head on over to: and vote for JTC to receive money to continue their work advocating and educating people with hearing loss and their parents! 

Allie, at about 5 months (she was aided at 2 mos)
You may or may not know that my daughter was born with moderately severe bi-lateral (both ears) hearing loss. She wears hearing aids every waking moment, and with help from the John Tracey Clinic's distance learning program for parents (a parent taught means of learning spoken language), and Early Intervention, she is now actually a bit more advanced in speaking/listening than the average child her age! This takes a lot of time and energy, and we use the tools we learned through the distance learning program at JTC every day. 

JTC's distance learning program was very helpful for us since in the beginning everything was very overwhelming. It took a while to get on track with regular visits to therapists through Early Intervention, and JTC helped to educate us in the meantime. They really were the first source of information we had available to us. And the distance learning program is free. :) Please support them! 

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