Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fabric Tuesday!

so this is love mosaic
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A near finish... I just need to sew down the binding on this one! :) Dear husband must be loved... I knocked out this quilt in less than two weeks and used some of my favorite fabrics which otherwise would have been horded forever!
This was my first time doing strait line quilting... in a step pattern at that! My walking foot (thanks Santa!) came in the mail yesterday so I got right to it! The baby took a really long nap while I got it all done. Well I surely made up for that last night by having to sleep on the floor next to her and wake up every half an hour or so while she was sick. Yuck. That was seriously the grossest night of my life thus far! lol. She's feeling better now (thank God!). We did call the doctor, who said this is going around.

Some binding sewing will be happening tonight! Oh and I even attached a quilt label too! :) The pattern for this quilt was the Color Brick Quilt Along hosted by Stitched in Color. It worked up really easily and turned out just great! I added a border though to add some extra length. It's definitely the biggest quilt I've ever made (by a few inches)!

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  1. Beautiful quilt! The colors are awesome. Sorry about your sick baby; glad she's feeling better!

    Jennifer :)

  2. Looks awesome! Glad you are enjoying your walking foot :) Hope you and your little one have a more restful night!

  3. Wow, your quilt is looking fantastic, and I'm glad to hear your walking foot is working out well for you. I hope your little girl feels much better soon! Not much worse in the world than a sick kiddo.

  4. Really love those colors and prints, turned out great. Glad you're baby is feeling better...every half hour?? That's awful! :(

  5. Gorgeous! Don't you love the walking foot? makes a huge difference! Hope your family's on the "mend" LOL!

  6. Your quilt is lovely! So glad you got the walking foot =). Thanks for the link love!

  7. Gorgeous quilt! Hooray for a walking foot!!