Friday, December 10, 2010

Introducing: Gertrude!!!

Introducing: Gertrude!!!
No, I don't have another sewing machine! This one just came over for a play date (oh gosh I hate that phrase). lol. This is Mary's new (old) machine from her mom. So can anyone guess how old she is??? lol. Guess away because I'd have to look it up to figure it out. Anyway, Mary came over to sew last night and sew be did! She finished five (count them) pot holders for gifts! 

And I finally sewed up that second gather clutch from about a week ago, cut and sewed borders onto Wally's quilt (minus one side since I was about 6" short of enough fabric... Joann's here I come), and I made allie a quick little dress. :) Check two more things off my Christmas sewing list! 
Allie's dress is made from a Mickey pillowcase that was used by DH and his brothers when they were little. It's a bit threadbare, but it'll do. And since it's Mickey it's sure to get that WOW appeal from my two year old! I followed this tutorial (which I've used in the past) and it came together really really quickly! I hope the arm holes fit her though... that's my only worry. 
I'm pretty happy with the gifts I've been able to make this year. We really don't have much money right now so it's pretty helpful to have had the chance to use up some of my beloved fabric for my family! Unlike many people I am hearing throughout blogland, I'm pretty much loving making my gifts. No stress... we have a standing "if you're broke don't worry about gifts" policy with both our families and that helps. Also I simply don't make things for people who won't appreciate them. lol. Ok so that seems harsh but it's the truth. :) Luckily that doesn't happen often.
So This Is Love... Wally's Quilt

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  1. Not making gifts for people who won't appreciate them - totally not harsh. It's just too disappointing to spend so much time, energy & self, on creating a gift for someone that doesn't care.

    It's great that you're able to make gifts for Christmas, without having to stress over them!

    ~ Meagan