Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A little more edgy and sparkly too.

Of course I didn't take a "before" picture... but about a year and a half ago I had painted the round clip that connects allie's hearing aids to her shirt (so if she pulls them out they are attached instead of hanging out in the bottom of the toy box etc). It started out red and yellow with a childish elephant on it (Phonak's design = lame). The first time I painted it (with nail polish, what else? lol) it was completely white with pink and red polka dots. Cute. That was getting boring though, so while we were visiting my sister and her family, we painted it (again with nail polish) a metalic grey with purple sparkled border, with pink and purple polka dots. Adorable, edgy, rocker girl, and sparkly too! :) lol. It's the little things I swear. Allie doesn't notice the difference. Oh and did I mention that my dad and I busted the clip apart to put it back together so now it works properly again? lol. Hilarious really. Glad I didn't have to go buy another one!

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