Wednesday, December 29, 2010

{Sew} Beautiful Bee - February Preparations

I have February as my month for my first bee. I've been brainstorming ideas and fabrics. Santa brought me some fabric to match some that I already have. And today I sat down and cut the amount that I plan to send to each person, and tested out my blocks!
Two witdths of each fabric (3 prints, three greys) 1"-3" wide
They went together pretty smoothly. I am looking for 16" blocks (a little big I know) but anything around 14"-16" would be fine since I can always add another border to square them up the same size. 
This is the block that I'm asking everyone to make. I'm thinking that I'll send more of just two grey colors, since I didn't even use the third on this block. I'll also throw in the suggestion (for those who plan ahead) that if you'd like to have the final border all the same fabric, you should not use it elsewhere in the block (since it takes more fabric to make it all the way around). As it is, I don't mind either way. Feel free to mix things up a bit too. A border can be pieced or not, joined on a right angle (the grey with the black and white piece shown) or at an angle as the outer border. Really I'm requesting this block because while it is not that hard, it does take time and ability to be random. My best examples of these blocks are here and here.

Block B, optional. Made with leftover fabric.
Then I made a second block with my leftovers. If anyone would like to make two blocks they're welcome to. The second could be the same as the first, or in this style. This can really be as random as the sewer wants. I like this "matchstick" type block. I especially like the narrowness of that dark grey border. These don't have to be a full 16" since it'd be hard to get it there with the scraps depending on how you used the fabric for block A. (mine here is about 14"-15"). I can always add to finish the final border etc to square it up. Here are examples of thsi style block and creative variations. 

What do you guys think? Should I even include the second block at all (remember it's totally optional). Should I send the fabric cut into strips already, or just send a 6" or so chunk of fabric from each color? More variety of colors (with this plan each bee member will be getting a slightly different variation of colors).
Here are my initial sketches. 
Haha... lots of doodling going on there.
I like what I've got so far... now for those final decisions. Then I can cut and package it all up to send out!


  1. Ooo, looks great! Can't wait to start!

  2. I love your fabric choices! I really dig your sketches, I'm excited to play with this. I'm doing an improv AMH pillow right now and it's been a lot of fun, so I'd love to do some more improv-y kind of stuff. I love that matchstick block, I really, really do. As for the second block, it's fine by me - I'm sure I'd probably make a second one, as long as there's enough fabric left.

  3. Cool, I like your block a lot! And the colors are really nice, too!

  4. I think you should send us the fabric for the second block. I'd totally be all for making two for you.

    I like the idea of the strips being cut already, but at the same time, if you want more spontaneity, a 6" piece will force us to be the deciders. I'm up for either.

  5. Fun! And such gorgeous colors! I'd be happy to make two blocks. Seems like there are usually a lot of leftovers with a block like this, so I might as well put something together with those as well.