Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Cards!

Have you sent yours yet?

Do you send them? (ok so I should)

Maybe you send a loong Christmas letter detailing out you year's accomplishments complete with a home printer - printed colage of photos. (you know who you are!)

I don't send cards. Well let me rephrase that, I've only been a certifiable adult for a couple years and well, it's not been a habit that we have started. Yet. At what point does card giving become necesary? We do our best attempt at thank you's. And random correspondance? I LOVE IT! :) Why not christmas cards then? I feel boxed in. They have to be red and green, or they have to be professional photos. Nope, they don't! Now go check out the options over at Shutterfly.

Have you checked out those options there? Over at Shutterfly they even let you search their cards by color. (ok so there's only one yellow christmas card but there are lots of non-traditional ones! Even a few that say Merry Christmas! :) My favorite part about Christmas cards are the pictures of the family. I mostly love to see those smiling faces anytime I can! I think it'd be great to send one out from my parents, with our whole big extended family! That's the best!

I like this one - wouldn't it be just perfect with Allie's smiling face right there? 

Check out more here!

As I've already mentioned, I'm better at thank you's than regular Christmas cards, they've got the most adorable ones here: 
Looking for something great to go with your holiday mug rugs? A mug with your pic on it! I may go off and order one of those now since my MIL asked for a mug rug and a mug for christmas! 
 It'll go great with this!
So now that I've got my dream Christmas cards all picked out, you can pick some out too! Go here for more info about getting 50 free Christmas cards.


  1. I'm not a card-sender either, but my favorite cards to send are the plantable ones with the wildflower seeds in them. I like to have some of those on hand, just in case.

  2. I love to send cards...although last year I totally flaked out and didn't send any. The last few years, I have made my own cards (rubber stamping). I am getting smarter about it though, and in general I try to pick a simple design since I have quite a few to make. I need to get my act together so I can see how many cards I need. I tend to make a few here and there throughout the year.

    I think that the personalized thank you notes with the child's photo are a great idea. I love getting thank you notes.