Monday, October 4, 2010

Simple Dish Mat

 Today I whipped this up. So simple, so satisfying, and yet very useful! I used two fat quarters of Dulce fabric, given to me by my aunt for Christmas last year (awesome!!!), and a dish towel I got at walmart for a buck (since I don't have any old enough to be scrapped).
It's basically a 12" square bordered with a coordinating fabric. I was going to make mine 16" square, but my dish towel was a bit more narrow. I used the "pillowcase method" to bind it (aka the Birthing Method ---now that makes me laugh every time!). Simple, easy, start-finish (pics included) = half an hour! Maybe enough nap time left for a nice hot shower? lol. (tutorial here if you need one)
And FINALLY it was sunny enough to get some decent pics of my Scrappy Pincushion that I received from the swap. Ok so it was only two days ago that I received it, but still it seems like I've been holding out forever with this! I love it so much!!! It was made by Jennifer (greeneyedsilversmith on Flickr). She used my fav colors, green, grey, and purple. And she added some sweet little hand stitching in the middle there. It's already in use and I love the weight that the crushed walnut/lizard litter gives! It really is awesome!

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