Sunday, October 3, 2010

Last night I had a dream about sewing...

In my dream I was at a blogging quilt/sewing retreat... at a fancy hotel type place. Strangely a lot of you bloggers were also Catholic (which it seems to me is not true, I think the Mormons have the corner on blogging and sewing) since we went to Mass together. It was amazing. In one part of the dream I realised I was talking to Rita, from Red Pepper Quilts (who actually as I read her bio right now is from Melbourne... not sure she'd travel so far for a quilt retreat?). LOL How crazy is that? It really makes me want to go on a quilt retreat, but it's just so expensive... there's one forming in Utah for next year... I'd love to go but I'm sure it's going to be much more pricey than I'd like!


  1. It's your brain telling you you need to go! :)
    I'd love to go to a quilt retreat also - but like you think it's too expensive.

    Sometimes local quilt guilds have a small overnight activity, not going anywhere fancy, but it's two days sewing and meals provided!!

  2. I think that I have seen something like this locally...although I'm not really sure what happens there. I know I have gotten things from one of my local quilt shops (Thimbles in Lockport) regarding an overnight type deal maybe at Lewis University (again, don't hold me to the location). I'm sure I've read of other things more local, too... at least if you could cut out airfare, that would save a bundle.