Sunday, October 3, 2010

Guess what!?!

Remember these?
Well they were well received, and my friend did indeed pay me for them. How odd is that? I've never done that before ever, get paid for making something. :) Well with that money (since I basically had all the materials on hand for these coasters, and mostly spend my time and energy on them) I just bought this!
A fat quarter bundle of AMH's brand spankin new Innocent Crush fabrics! Wow I've never ordered fabric so quickly after it has been released before! Exciting. And well... don't tell DH but I had to spend a little out of pocket for it... just a little. :) hehe. Can't wait to play with these!!! YUMMY! In case you were wondering I ordered them over at Hawthorne Threads, it's the best deal for the bundle of 11 FQ's that I could find. :)


  1. I've only had people pay me a couple times for making things...and it does feel a bit odd. Recently, I made a couple baby blankets for an online friend in Australia. I didn't want her to pay me anything, for making or shipping, but when she saw how much the shipping cost...she insisted on paying for that. Of course, I didn't mind having that money to buy some new fabric with :-)

    I wish I could see the Innocent Crush fabric in person to see which colorway I would prefer.

  2. I went with the colorway I did because it had purple, which I believe is a first for AMH? First that I've seen!