Friday, October 8, 2010

Green Hair...

Hair dying is crafty right? Well regardless I'm posting pics since I'm really psyched about it!

Here's my hair after the first step, bleaching. The bleach worked really well! I think I wouldn't mind just having the tips bleached. :)

Here's step two, which was sitting with the Manic Panic Electric Lizard hair dye on my ends for about an hour. In retrospect I could have left it in much longer. I'll probably re-dye soon for a deeper color.

Here it is with it all washed out and after conditioning/sleeping on it. Perfection. :)
And I know what you're thinking. No this is not done for Halloween. Just for the thrill of having green hair for a while. I've got some hot pink dye, I'll likely add some streaks throughout my hair next week - since my friend is coming over to dye her hair pink.

Obligatory "bucket-head" picture.

By the way, my AMH Innocent Crush did come in a couple days ago. I keep staring at it. what is it that makes me so nervous to try something daring with pretty fabric? Soon I will. I just have to work up the nerve!


  1. I love it! Completely jealous, too, of course :-)

  2. Your hair would be popular here in Ireland.

  3. Ha! I just took a picture of my nephew with almost the exact same clear plastic bucket on his head just this weekend! Kids are too funny!

    (I am too am intimated by pretty fabric!)