Monday, October 18, 2010

Local Quilt Shop

I finally made my way over to quiltology. It's pretty local considering. It's downtown and I hate parallel parking. Lucky for me it is only a couple blocks from where DD has speech therapy every Monday (meaning that DH drove, and parked). It was amazing - even my husband was quite impressed. He'd never seen a fabric shop with "my kind of fabric" as he says... (since of course I'm the only one who's interested in modern fabric that he knows). :) I found some great stuff... and while I was on a very limited budget (I had $20 and that had to cover the $5 parking for therapy too) I did find some steals. First off, I was so excited when I found AMH's Good Folks Cathedral in pink (instead of the burnt color which I accidentally bought online a couple weeks ago), picked up a half a yard of that. Also, got two amy butler grey fabric FQ's for $3 each... and two FQ's of Katie Jump Rope for just a dollar each! I came in at just under $15 dollars (dang cook county tax!).

Look at the loot:
Yum! :)
By the way, the ladies there at Quiltology were super nice too. Talkative and helpful. No AMH's Innocent Crush there yet... but they're going to the Houston Quilt Market so I'm sure they'll bring back lots of goodies!


  1. I might have to take a trip into the city one of these days, just to check this shop out. I don't think that any of my "local" shops carry any AMH least not that I've found. You did great with only spending $15! I need to follow your example :-)

  2. Great buys, I love your choices! And I too have made the wrong color choice shopping online...darn it! :)

    Stopping by from Quiltstory's Fabric Tuesday!