Monday, October 4, 2010

My first quilted pillow!!!

Last week I received my blocks from the Mod Bento Block Swap over on flickr. It's a central swap, so we all  made our blocks, quartered them, and sent them to the coordinator, who then mixes them up and sends you quarters from other peoples blocks. I'm so excited about the blocks I received; they go so well with the quarters of my own blocks that I kept. Since I'd only gotten the chance to make three full blocks (12 quarters) before the deadline, I decided to make them up into three pillows. Granted, I've never made a pillow before, but it turned out great!!
the quilting of the pillow top, as seen from the back/inside... getting better!
I did a meandering stipple on the front, layered with batting and muslin. My stippling is getting so much better since I quilted Rosemarie's Quilt. I had so much room on that quilt to perfect it! the back is all white (can you believe it, the first time I've sewn with white fabric; I resisted the urge to use grey!), and the opening edges overlap by about 5". The pillow form is 18" and the finished pillow top (before sewing to the back) was just a hair under 19". I think for my own future reference, I'd like to do french seams on the inside (heck even on the outside to look like piping?!) and take it in about a half an inch (finished top being 18.5").

I'm in love pretty much. :) Now all I need is a couch! lol... that one is a LOOONG story. All we have in our living room are rocking chairs (yes, three of them... even a toddler sized one!).

Now, go over to Quiltstory to see some Fabric Tuesday action!


  1. So gorgeous! I've been coveting those bento boxes, and I'm thinking about trying them myself! That pillow is just beautiful, awesome job!! Stopping by from Fabric Tuesday, have a great day!

  2. This is so pretty! Your quilting is wonderful too!

    Jennifer :)

  3. Love this pillow. Super cute! Thanks for linking up.

  4. Saw this on Flickr and in the Fabric Tuesday link-up. I posted about bento boxes, too! Your pillow is fantastic!