Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fabric Tuesday!

It's gnome costume time... You can't tell by these pictures...
Last night I was inspired (by the fact that Halloween is less than a week away?) and whipped up this skirt for Allie's costume. She'll be a garden gnome. The skirt is made from the Market Skirt Tutorial from Dana at Made. The tutorial is really great! I'd had it bookmarked since she'd posted it, but never got down to it. I did french seams throughout the project since I don't have a serger (and I knew that the 2t/3t size was going to be a bit large on Allie). It worked out great, a little extra work but well worth it!
French seams
Of course Allie wasn't awake while I was making this, and I hadn't had the thought to measure her waist before putting her to bed. I'll have to adjust the sizing of the elastic as a result. No biggie, although that was the step that took me the longest (can you believe it? lol). 
Gnome costume sketch
Here's a sketch of what I'd like her costume to look like. As I've been reading online/in the gnome book. Female gnomes traditionally (lol) wear earth tones, usually a skirt with a vest or apron. Their hair is worn down before marriage, and they wear a green hat until marriage. So we'll be going to joann's today for some green felt. And I may make her a little apron too, we'll see. The skirt may have a couple fabric flowers pinned to the hem. We'll see. lol. last minute much?


  1. Very cute. It is great to know how to make flouncy skirts when there is a girl in the house. This skill will save you lots of money as she get older. Mrs. Hearts

  2. Adorable! I can't wait to see pictures of the finished gnome!

  3. I absolutely LOVE the fabric combination you used for this skirt! It's perfect. What an adorable costume idea!