Monday, September 24, 2012

Putting a cramp in my style!

A little playing last night.
Tiny Scrappy Fun - Roseann's Quilt
Now that the teacher strike is over, and we officially have a designated bus pickup time... and I'm settled into my new work schedule (mornings while Allie is at school). I'm having trouble getting back into my groove with sewing!

Here's the thing, I'm tired. (that is so silly for me to say). We've been getting up at around 6 or 7 am every morning... and most days I have almost no downtime while Allie's at school. Sure I have two days a week off work - house to myself. But it doesn't seem like it! 

I'm a late night sewer. Late late. That isn't so possible when you're up so early everyday. I'm usually able to hang out with Wally for a bit after Allie gets to bed, then sew for a couple hours straight. 

Now if I hang out too long, the night is gone. For instance right now - it's midnight. Ordinarily I'd be trucking through, but I just can't do that and wake up a full two hours earlier than normal. Hopefully this week will bring our first real week of normalcy - no strikes, not the first week of school, not the first week of new work schedules. Perhaps the first week of normal sewing!

Gotta finish this Tova!
Here are my goals for the week:
*Finish my Tova Tunic - I just need to finish the collar and hem it!
*Work on my little childhood cancer awareness project. It's been in my head lurking for weeks. Now is the time! There will be a mini tutorial for this too!
*Play with my Tiny Scrappy Fun quilt (Roseann's quilt). 

And maybe I'll play around with some of my new fabrics too!

PS: Just a quick reminder - Please make it a point to eat at Chili's Restaurant tomorrow (Monday). On Monday September 24th Chili's will donate their net profits to St Jude Children's Hospital. Chili's is working toward a cure by supporting St Jude's. Please! Stop by Chili's for a drink after work, or for lunch, or treat your extended family to dinner! Don't forget to thank your local Chili's manager for supporting such a great cause. For Rosemarie, let's beat this!


  1. it's so hard finding the time to do everything, especially with all those need-to-do things being so LOUD and drowning out the want-to-do things. I hope you find some time x

  2. yes, a change in schedule is hard! you'll find your groove again i'm sure. BTW, I LOVE your LOVE block!

  3. I hate schedule changes! I'm still getting used to mine. Hope you get back into the swing of things soon =D

  4. I hope you've managed to settle into a schedule! I've been planning to sew all week and just haven't managed to summon the energy... And I'm not in charge of a little one.