Tuesday, September 11, 2012

CMQG Fall Retreat 2012

Whew! What a weekend!! It was full of fun, late nights, and sewing! 

This past weekend I joined the ladies of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild for the fall retreat in Racine, WI. We retreat at the Dominican convent - which is fabulous! The nuns are cute and they cook delicious food. We have a great big room to ourselves (with a view of the lake!), and we always have a great time. 

This year I made a to-do list for the retreat. I had about a dozen projects on that list. I worked on about half of them which is pretty good! :)

The first project I worked on Friday afternoon was the Anna Maria Horner Figure 8 Scarf. Emily and I both had fabric on hand to make these and it was a fun project to work on together. What we learned? Handsewing is the great equalizer when it comes to how quickly a project comes together! I was speedy with my machine but Emily is much quicker at handsewing! Our scarves turned out so great! They're velveteen and voile so they're so dreamy. I'm ready for fall with this!!

Next we had a quick Die-cutting lesson from Ebony (who lost her voice), so Sara translated. Mr T is an Accuquilt Studio cutter. He is named appropriately because he "pitties the fool who's still cutting with a rotary cutter!" lol. I used Mr T to cut some strips then subcut sewn pairs of strips... it really does speed up the process!

Thanks for sharing the gummy bears Marla!!
Friday night I spent the evening chatting and handsewing some covered buttons onto a really awesome pillow. Those buttons took a long time... or maybe that was the Vodka infused gummy bears slowing me down? Or laughing so much while talking to my tablemates? 

Saturday was Emily's birthday. I had come prepared with a little fabric gift and teeny bunting for her sewing machine - I had to sneak downstairs after going to bed so I could decorate before Emily woke up in the morning! She had made her own birthday cake (it was YUMMY!) and the guild also put together a bag of sewing goodies for her (Donna made the bag and it's pretty cool!).

Saturday I worked on some small projects, some mug rug tops and a pouch. I traveled to the local quilt shop  with Marla, Robbi, and Ebony - where I found a really cute baking themed FQ. I couldn't help but make it into a pouch for my sister who loves to bake! 

Erica and Sara hosted a fabric swap! Pretty awesome!

Most of Saturday evening was spent finishing a really really awesome project. I can't show you it now, but the sneaky peek is the fabric under these vodka gummy bears! :) I am really proud of this project - it turned out SO nicely! Not to mention that I adore that AMH fabric! 

Saturday night was really fun - Robbi and I chatted while planning our Pellon projects (we kept meaning to take a picture of us together working on them!). Ebony helped me with some needle/thread size tips. Emily and I were the last to go to bed... and we somehow managed to stay up later than we ever had sewing before so of course we took a picture of the clock! lol. Of course we were pretty slap happy, but it's impossible not to laugh when you go to brush your teeth before bed and run into Donna --- who is up and getting ready for the next day! lol. Good times!

Sunday I spent the day using Mr T to cut some fabric for a Pellon project (Mr T really does make sewing and subcutting strips so much quicker!!). I also worked on another teeny project for Pellon. I should ask, since I'm not entirely sure if it's ok if I share those here before they're posted over there. :) Again, it was really cool to be working at the same table as Robbi, while we both worked on our projects for Pellon! She's a riot by the way, We had the best table (Me, her and Emily). 

I can't forget, before leaving we finally made the walk down to the beach! This is my third time at the Sienna Center and yet the first time I've made it out there! It's beautiful!! 

Me and the projects I worked on... not including the awesomest one! 
It was really an inspiring weekend. I love being around so many creative people! I'm so glad to be a part of this group! Also, I didn't want to forget, even with GPS Emily and I are "Improvisational Drivers" lol... Just like our quilting! 

Thanks for a fabulous time ladies!!! 


  1. awww, it looks FAB! I needs me some of that bunting!!

  2. wow, what a fantastic retreat! i love that you were going to bed when donna was just getting up! love this post!

  3. Wow what a great looking event! So much fun in such a short space of time! Great makes there =D

  4. Thanks for the lengthy post on all I missed! Vodka Gummy Bears! ! !
    I think I picked the wrong one to miss! See you Sunday!

  5. I looks like you had a great time! I love the tiny bunting you made for Emily's sewing machine -- what a super idea!

    I've never had vodka gummy bears, but they sound intriguing and I'm disappointed that I missed out on them!

    Love the scarves, too! I had wanted to get some of the velveteen, but I never did :(

  6. Looks like a blast! Vodka gummy bears?! What a most excellent idea ;-). Your projects look great, and that beach wonderful!

  7. What a fun time - we're planning our first MQG retreat so it was nice to see pictures from yours. Love the improvisational driving comment - I'm going to use that!

  8. :) Sounds like a great time! I love the scarf, I am BIG into scarves (and this has nothing to do with my hair situation over the past year, lol).