Friday, September 7, 2012

New lovelies...

Last week I broke down and ordered some half yards of a few prints that I have had my eye on. There's a mixture of Anna Maria Horner's Field Study, and Tula Pink's Birds & Bees, and a couple random prints thrown in too. 

I literally just picked the fabrics that I really loved the most. Incidentally, they all go pretty well together! 

Of course I had to sew something up immediately! I made this little feel-good coffee cup cozy. I used Jeni's tutorial. It came together perfectly - except I don't have any cups that size/shape! I must go out for coffee soon so I can use it!

Here it is flattened out. Pretty! I was deeply saddened by the fact that our paper coffee cups at work are too small for it. blah.

I have an idea floating around my head to make one of these fit for a regular coffee mug. Perhaps it would be a project to honor Rosemarie's doctors. It is Childhood Cancer month after all. If you want to hear some pretty depressing stats go do some research about how little national funding childhood cancer recieves. Yuck. Pray for a cure. Little Rosemarie has been fighting for her life for five years - since she was a year old!  Right now she has a little bit of peach fuzz growing on her head; it's adorable!

That was a bit of a tangent. No apologies, it's too close to my heart to apologize. If you'd like to see more check out Rosemarie's story (below). And consider donating even a dollar to St. Jude's. We're working toward a cure!


  1. Bless her - she is such a cutie! Those doctors and nurses do such amazing work. Oh, and those fabrics are lovely!!

  2. Rosemarie is such a gorgeous little girl! That video made me cry. Her parents are so strong! I can't believe how much time has passed since we made blocks for Rosemarie's cancer killing quilt. You are all still in my thoughts :-)
    Great fabrics too :-)

  3. That sounds like a great idea, it's unbelievable what the funders will spend money on when they could be using it for better things!