Sunday, September 16, 2012

Figuring the 8 Scarf @ Retreat!

(I wrote this post for my Threadbias page... but it turned out to be here it is)

Last weekend was the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild's fall retreat - and it was a blast!!! Emily and I decided to bring our Figure 8 scarf kits with us to make together Friday night. 

So the long version of the story is that this year for my birthday (june) my husband got smart and looked at my "things I really really want" pinterest board and shopped for me there! He ordered me a scarf kit (72" x 18" cut the long way so no extra seams) for my birthday... and when I blabbed about it to Emily she was like "What the heck, that's what I was getting you!" lol. (no fear, she made me an awesome project bag instead!!)

So... fast forward to last week. It's getting cooler and Emily and I need awesome bold fun warm scarves! We made the scarves following Anna Maria Horner's tutorial. They came together quite easily (especially since we had lots of table space available to lay out the fabric an pin it). We found that hand-stitching is the great equalizer -- I sew faster by machine - but Emily hand sews WAY faster than I do. We finished just about the same time!

Sewing with friends really is the best isn't it?? 

I'm pretty excited for fall now - armed with my cozy scarf! 


  1. it's gorgeous! I made one last winter and I love it so much.

  2. Wow how funny that they both chose the same thing! A great scarf perfect got the Autumnal weather =D

  3. You both made such pretty scarves. Mine is made with innocent crush velveteen... Not like I'll get much use out of it anymore :(

  4. Love your scarves! Still trying to find time to make one, too!

  5. Those scarves are beautiful! Isn't it so great to sew with a friend?