Monday, July 16, 2012

Zip Pouches for my Friends!

This weekend I finished 6 pouches for friends and family who are helping me pay my way to QuiltCon! I've never really made things to sell, and have resisted having an etsy shop because I don't want the hassle of filing with the state/city for tax purposes (it seams like such a headache and I just don't understand what they want!).

Here's reality: I'm too lazy to pick up before taking pics, and too lazy now to crop the mess out! lol.
Well I put up an offer on facebook and have gotten 7 requests so far! These are all finished so I'll be starting on the next set of requests soon - I know my MIL wants some for co-worker's gifts for Christmas...

The bow pouches are roughly from this tutorial although I've made a lot of changes to the way they're made. 
Also, if you're going to make these, check out this blog post - it's absolutely possible to make it with 2 FQ's instead of two HY's as the tutorial says. I posted cutting instructions here

The others are custom made - colors chosen by the recipient. They measure about 8" x 4" x 2" And with these I finally figured out the right equation to figure out exactly how to cut the sections out for the corners to make them exactly the right size. I'll probably blog about that at some point - since I took pictures / notes along the way so I don't forget!

The last one (the zebra stripe) is for a friend from my guild - who's supporting me in this even though I'm sure she'd be able to make the same bag for herself! lol. I love how the colors came together for it - She's very into black and white and pops of bright colors! 

Are any of you going to be at QuiltCon? Are you doing any selling to get there? What classes are you looking forward to??


  1. What great looking pouches. Maybe if not an etsy shop maybe you should make a page on your blog for the things you're selling and take it from there?

    Sadly I won't be there. I'd have to save for months, that would go well past the Quiltcon....and that's just for a plane ticket =D

  2. Those pouches are adorable and a messy workspace is a productive workspace!:)
    I am planning on being at Quiltcon (got the hotel room reserved). It'll be my first time away from my kids and my husband is treating me to the vacation. I am really looking forward to taking a free-motion class either from Elizabeth or Angela!

  3. so glad to see that you have some orders, beautiful pouches...I might go to QuiltCon too, gotta find some cooler roommates, lol ;) Love Ya!