Monday, July 23, 2012

Sewing with Kids ... er Tweens!

Katee is officially a tween (how is it that that word is acceptable?!). My niece Katee was in town for the past week, and while it was hot and a bit rainy outside, we had a lot of fun sewing!

My friend Emily came over one evening and we'd decided on making these fabric envelopes together. We each got working and it was a lot of fun!

I made a mini design wall for Allie, and cut her some 2.5" squares for her to play with while we sewed. It didn't work completely, but it wasn't a dud either. She played nicely for a while. The most hilarious thing? Allie kept calling Emily, "friend Emily" it was really funny!

Katee and I sewed in the evenings after Allie went to bed most nights this week. She finished a pillowcase, a large boxed pouch, a mini zip pouch, and the fabric envelope! She was free-piecing all on her own after just a little bit of instruction! I'm loving the zebra pillowcase!

It was a really great week, and it's been a lot of fun seeing her grow as a sewer throughout the years. She's been sewing with me since she was seven - here we are five years later and she's growing and learning! I'm so proud of her!!


  1. Sounds like you all had a really fun time! The items she made look great =D

  2. I hope that someday my niece will want me to teach her how to sew, too. I love Katee's pillowcase and the giant zip pouch, both very cool!

    The little fabric envelopes are cool, too! How did you make them?

  3. Love the "friend Emily" comment. My youngest cousin's son (who will be a big boy as he will start kindergarten this year) calls me My Ria instead of Maria. LOVE IT! :) Makes my day every time I hear him say it. Too bad he'll eventually outgrow it, probably as soon as he realizes that he's saying it wrong. lol

    Oh, and congrats on starting to make money for QuiltCon. I really wanted to go, but it just seems SOOO expensive. I'm thinking somewhere between $1000-1500? Now I'm questioning if I want to go off on a trip by myself and spend that much money on a vacay that doesn't include my husband. Are you estimating higher or lower for your money-saving goal? Just curious . . .