Friday, July 6, 2012


Think my sister has enough handmade pouches?
Just a few of the pouches I've recently made. 
Word on the street has it that they'll be announcing class schedules and such for QuiltCon in the next week. That made me realize that registration starts the end of August!! That's really creeping up on us and I'd love to be able to register right away! So - here's my plan. I'm going to sell my skills for a little while.

I put the word out on my facebook today - asking friends and family if they're interested in an original pouch - simple design, fun, fabrics from my stash, to help fund my trip to QuiltCon. I'm asking $15 - $20  a piece and hoping that some people are interested! If you're a reader who's not so inclined to sew zippers and would like in on this deal feel free to leave me a message! :) I'm not interested in doing an etsy shop or anything so I'll just be using paypal for payment and shipping will be as needed - since I'm assuming most of my facebook people are in the area/near my hometown. :)

Who else is planning on going to QuiltCon? What are you doing to prepare financially??


  1. I would love to go! Problem is the whole flying thing. Too expensive! If only they would do something on the east coast so I could drive!

  2. I buy on Etsy but have not begun to sell yet. I wanted to see how many of you sell on Etsy? I have been reading an excellent guide for setting up shop and marketing your business. I thought maybe someone else could benefit from the knowledge too! xox (Etsy craft sellers kit)

  3. That sounds like a very good idea! Loving those pouches in the picture. Sadly I'm in the UK so won't be going...I really need to move! =D

  4. I would like to go, and am sort of planning on it already. I just got a new job, where I get paid hourly for the work I do, plus a second check to cover gas and wear and tear on my car -- plus they pay me for my travel time, just at a lower rate. I'm thinking that I'll direct deposit one of my checks to spend on bills, gas, groceries, whatever, but that second check will be mine to cash and do with as I please. Now that I finally know how much money I need to save (not counting hotel costs, of course, or gas for that matter), I feel like it's doable. I plan to spend a fair amount of time Wednesday creating a budget. :) And I already have an etsy shop, so I probably need to fill it up a bit, too.

    Are you planning on flying? Everyone from my guild who is going is planning to fly, but I don't think I want to since it could make my lymphedema worse. I'd rather take an extra day and drive anyway, stopping where I please along the way. :)