Saturday, July 14, 2012

DQS12 Angel Quilt

I keep forgetting to post about this quilt.
DQS 12 - Quilting Detail
Source: Nichole's flickr.
I was a Swap Mama for the Doll Quilt Swap this past round, and as a mama I was in charge of several "Bebe's" Well, one of my group's quilts got lost in the mail, so I volunteered to make her a replacement!

This little quiltie was made especially for Nichole / PartridgePearTree. I chose all solids and paper pieced those teeny flying geese units to look like a strip of chevrons. They're teeny, 1" x 2" finished! My favorite little bit of it is the one chevron that's made of navy corduroy fabric. Awesome texture! :)

I played with my quilting along the stripes. I really love the textures on this quilt! Adding the quilting to it was the first thing I sewed after my surgery. It felt so good to be back at it so soon afterward!

The little quilt has made it's way to Nichole now, and I'm glad that she is enjoying it. Perhaps someday her original DQS12 quilt will make it to her... but if not, at least she has a consolation prize!


  1. What an awesome consolation! The colors are so pretty and I really love the chevrons..

  2. That looks amazing! Loving those colours and the quilting patterns =D