Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Did I mention that I'm working on some projects for Pellon?

I'm really excited about this - a chance to show some new ideas and play with some new products.

In related news, I ran out of my third bolt of Pellon Val-u-Fuse. I think that's quite an accomplishment - I never really paid attention to how much was left on that bolt - until suddenly it was gone!

Stay tuned for more on this subject. In the meantime go check out my "artist profile." I consider this to be an accomplishment of my 4th grade career goal - I wanted to be an "artist" I'll count this as a goal achieved!

God willing it'll be sunny this week so I can take some pictures of stuff!


  1. Sounds very interesting I'll keep a look of for the posts =D

  2. just read your artist's profile! well done! you are definitely an artist!