Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mug Rugs, Bee Blocks, and Other Randomness

Did I ever mention that this one goes great in my kitchen?

Have I mentioned (a million times) how great of a swap partner I had for the Mug Rug 2 Swap? This is one of the two mug rugs she sent me. It goes great right in my kitchen! Notice those tiny little squares! Made by Jen (flickr: mjandco)

Practice Dresden gets more layers!

I keep adding to my practice dresden plate block. I think that I'd like to make one out of the same fabrics but using pinks for the outside petals and purples for the inside petals. It's nice that this is all made from scraps form Katee and Rosemarie's quilts.

Close-up of practice bee block

A closeup of one of my practice blocks for {Sew} Beautiful - Feb. February is my month. I still need to get to the store to buy that grey fabric! I'm really looking forward to seeing them come together though!!

Silly Allie singing!

Since a random post wouldn't be complete without a picture of this girl, here she is singing quite loudly to Cinderella songs on youtube. (did you guys know that you can watch all those great Disney songs on youtube? The kid loves them! She even walks around the kitchen with the broom pretending to clean like Cinderella!


  1. Too cute! Your plates look wonderful! I love the double layers. Excited to see more of your bee block for Feb and can't wait to get my hands on those fabrics! :)

  2. We watch a lot of Elmo on YouTube, but I never thought of Disney songs. I have a feeling we'll be breaking those out tomorrow! : )

    Love your double dresden, very pretty!

  3. Your dresden plate within a dresden plate is awesome - it looks like a flower blooming!