Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Things I could be doing, things that I can't.

I could be doing:
  • cutting my fabrics for Feb of the {Sew} Beautiful Bee. (some of them... since I need to make it to the store to buy some more grey.
  • Playing with scraps to potentially add up to quilt blocks for a quilt for my mom or MIL? 
  • Finishing that mini-single irish chain quilt into a doll quilt or pillow cover. 
  • Make a really awesome cool zippered pouch. Just because.
What I can't:
  • Finish my practice Dresden plate into either a pillow or a doll quilt for Allie's room. (I don't have a single piece of solid colored fabric large enough!)
  • Start on my Nicey Jane wonky star quilt... Again, with the not having solid fabric. I don't have a single bit of white fabric which I plan to use for this quilt. Frustrating since I've had that fabric for a year and have finally settled on that type of quilt.
  • Actually cut all my fabric for the bee... I like the fealing of finishedness. Cutting half the fabric isn't as desireable as cutting it all. (again with the no solid fabric).
  • Make a baby gift for Adri's baby (I'm dreading that baby shower. Hate seeing pregnant people right now, and especially hate pregnant people who are really full of themselves --they deserve to be don't get me wrong). Need to get some flannel from joann's when they have it on sale next.
  • Get started on swaps... that I haven't gotten into yet! lol.
I don't really feel like doing the things on the "Can" list. lol. Don't you hate that? And no chance of getting to Joann's until Friday!


  1. Oh, don't make a baby quilt for a shower. When we were struggling with infertility, I stopped buying any cute baby stuff and gave diapers, wipes and baby wash. I knew they would use it, and it was far easier on me. I would usually just drop the gift off early and made an excuse for missing the baby shower. It's just not that fun to go.

    Also, try for solids. Their prices are almost as good as Joann's sale prices. It's worth skipping the trip to the store, plus they have almost all the Kona colors and cheap shipping.

    Good luck with your list.

  2. I agree on Kati's comment, just give something practical (or even a gift card) so you don't have to think about it.

    I don't know what my problem is, but I've known what 2 quilt blocks I've needed to make before the end of the month, for about 2 weeks now. I just have no desire to work on them at the moment. I hope I feel differently soon so I'm not scrambling at the last hour.