Friday, January 28, 2011

Today's the day...

Things I want to do right now. (I'm feeling unmotivated and sometimes putting out here makes me get off my butt and do something I want to do!)

  • make tiny tiny stars. Why? Who knows. Will they be a part of a mug rug? will they be a part of my DQS quilt or Urban Home Goods project? Who knows. I just want to make them. Out of Good folks fabric.
    Tiny Star
    Edit: finished... with one. It measures just under 2 1/4" square and is the cutest thing I've ever made!

  • Scrap my DQS start (minus the special thing - which is AWESOME and I wish I could show it to you guys). I think that curved piecing is fun but the "art quilt" style isn't really me. I think I need a more traditional layout and some embroidered bits to tell the story. I'm not sure what to do with that start, but at least I'll show you:
    DQS10 - not sure...
  • Make some pleated blocks. Or tiny patchwork. 
  • Decide what to make for the Urban Home Goods Swap.
    That's it for now. I'm hoping today doesn't end as crappy as I think it will. 


    1. Wow, that star looks so tiny! I hope tonight goes better for you. What is that light blue fabric?? I love it!

    2. I love love love your tiny tiny stars. So precious!