Monday, January 17, 2011

Mug Rugs... again. lol...

Here are my idea sketches for this round.
This week we got our partners for the third round of the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap over on flickr. I love making these little things since they take so little time (compared to a big quilt), so I can try out a lot of new ideas.

I decided to try doing a fishy on my mug rug... but that meant I'd have to learn (properly) how to paper piece. So I looked around and found this pattern, which I actually measured and reproduced on a paper since our printer isn't working. The finished block is... 8" long? Definately too big for me! 

The next day I took a little time measuring and scaling down that paper pattern (of course it could have been easier if my printer worked). In the end I had this little guy who measures at about 2" x 1"!! I made my "paper" pattern out of light weight fusible interfacing. I didn't have any tracing paper to trace the pattern with it seemed to work, and bonus, no need to peel that paper off!

Here's the littlest one... made into a pincushion since after adding the border I determined that I wasn't so sure my partner would like all that purple.

more about the pleated mug rug later!
Here's the one that made it into a mug rug! This guy is about 4" long. I used colors a bit more inspired by my swap partner's likes. There will probably be some embroidery and/or hand quilting going on there too. Also, I'm thinking of adding some free motioned bubbles. 

Like the fishies? Check these out!
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  1. Talk about awesome binding!! I love the little fish, he's cute :)

  2. These little fish are adorable! They entice me to try paper piecing :-) Luckily, I have other things I need to finish before I can try any of that!

  3. Love the fish! I say YES to the FM bubbles :)

    Thanks for linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday!

  4. Love the fishies, especialy the little pin cushion! adorable!

  5. I love the tiny little fish pin cushion! And I really like seeing your sketches. (I hope you do something with the hot air balloon from your last post!)