Sunday, January 9, 2011

Five Pointed Star Mug Rug

Five point star mug rug

This is the little project I was working on the other day. A sweet little mug rug. After seeing this awesome block on flickr, and finding the tutorial here, I knew I had to give it a try! It was challenging, but not too terribly hard. If/when I do this again I will definitely trace a star to get even points; I think that would help the balance a lot. It also would be great if I would have read the order in which I was supposed to sew those sections together. As a result of sewing them all in a row (rather than in groups first) my points in the middle didn't line up just so. I got pretty close though. 

The tutorial is for a 14" block, mine is about 7". It probably would look better as a 14" block. I do like this mug rug though. It could be a trivet or small pot holder too, since I did double batting inside. I think I'll add some hand stitching at some point. The best part? It's all scraps, right down to the batting and the binding!

Linked up with Canoe Ridge Creations' {Sew} Modern Monday


  1. Well, your points sure look straight to me! I love that we're all trying to use up our stashes this year, this looks like a fun way to use up some scraps. Great job!

  2. I love this - I think it's super cool that it's off center. And made from scraps - awesome!

  3. Love this! Way to use up your scraps! The of center star and quilting combo is awesome.

    Thanks for linking up! :) Happy {Sew} Modern Monday!