Friday, January 14, 2011

Liebster Award

All week I've been seeing some great new (to me) blogs because of this Liebster Award. The idea is that each person who is nominated picks 3-5 small blogs (less than 300 readers?) to share with everyone else. Today I'm excited to say I was nominated for it by Brooke of Pitter Putter Stitch!

In the spirit of spreading some Lieben (or "love" in German), I want to nominate a few of my favorite little blogs too.

1) Angela from Cut to Pieces  - Who I first "met" in the DQS9 where she made a spectacular quilt and made us all cry when she told us the story behind it (ok she made me cry). Very talented! She was my partner for the Mug Rug Swap too, and it was great fun to make her some little mug rugs!

 2) As life would  have it, I actually just found Diana at Sticks and Baubles today! I was looking through my "stats" page on blogger and I had seen that her page had been referring some visitors to mine. :) That's always exciting, but even better is that she's got some great quilting going on over there!

3) Then there's Sara over at Sew Sweetness. She's a local Chicagoan like me, and although we have not yet met in person it's still nice to know there are other cool bloggy quilters around here! She also runs a fabric co-op which is pretty cool!

4) Lastly there's Karyn, from Path to Green. Karyn and I went to high school together, we were cheerleaders together, and... she was/is my sister's best friend. She is the most nature/conservation/etc minded person I know (and that's saying a lot considering the people I work with!). Her blog is mostly about her path to becoming more eco friendly. It's a very do it yourself hands on type thing. She also makes art quilts and various other crafty ventures.

Thanks for the nomination Brooke! I love hearing about new blogs - you know, I don't follow a million of them already... :)


  1. Well thank you :). I blog for 2 yeas now and had no ideea about this replaying though emails things until I stated blogging in english :). So I don't know how it's 'appropiate' to answer :))) but I'm glad you stopped by , it is always a pleasure to read you :)

  2. This is very cool! I've already followed your links and some of the others and seen a lot of things/people that I will be going back to check in more detail!