Friday, September 24, 2010

DQS9 Recieved, More Mug Rugs, etc...

Can you believe it? I finally received my DQS9 quilt from my swap partner! No it didn't actually take a long time to get to me, I've just been stalking my post man ever since I sent mine (which was on the early side of the send dates). Here it is:

It came from Karen (flickr: Enola05) and it's spectacular! I really love it!!!!! It's hanging on my living room wall right now (until I get some hooks in my sewing room wall!) Did I mention that I love it? That Yellow binding really makes the whole thing pop!


Mug Rugs: I can't seem to get enough! This time I've tried the quilt as you go method. I really enjoyed it. I'm not willing to do a whole quilt this way right now, but I loved the fun of it!

My two swaps this month (Pincushion Swap  and Mug Rug Swap) are wrapping up... nearing the "mail by date"... So I'm about to go off to personalise these up with some embroidery etc. More pictures will come. I also have made a couple more pincushions playing around for the Pincushion Swap that will be pictured later.

Speaking of swaps... on a whim last night I decided to see if I'd be accepted into the {Urban} HOME Goods Swap. To even join this group on flickr you have to be "approved". Kinda nerve wracking if you ask me, but I did get the approval today so that's cool... maybe I'll be invited to swap the next round?! I've totally been drooling over every single thing that has been sent in that swap!

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