Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Wear GOLD For... superhero Rosemarie!
Today starts childhood cancer awareness month. Gold is the new pink. Lets raise some awareness and kick cancer's butt. I don't go into it too often on this blog, but my neice Rosemarie, age 4, has been fighting Neuroblastoma for three years. She's currently in a stage one (very new) study. For the first time ever they have seen a slight change for the better on her scans. Lets hope and pray this does it! For more on Rosemarie's story check out her Caringbridge page.
Now is the time to raise some awareness. For one, you can mark it on your callendars right now, eat at Chili's September 27th. All their procedes on that day will go to St. Jude's Research Hospital. Next, consider making a donation to St. Judes? Or just passing on the info. Hey maybe you could get together with your crafty friends for some drinks at Chili's on the 27th? It all helps.

Now go ahead and watch this video. Be sure to notice my superhero Rosemarie. (yep, she's wearing her super girl cape!). Say a prayer for them, and be thankful for our kids who aren't affected by this terrible disease.

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