Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Discontinued Fabric

What is it about knowing that a line of fabric is discontinued that really makes one want more of it?

I'm not a fabric hoarder to any extreme, and actually I spend very little on fabric. I'm cheep. But I do love designer fabric. Ok well I love lots of designers, but I LOVE Anna Maria Horner's fabrics. The colors are just so me.

Her "Good Folks" line has been discontinued. I never even got the chance to really buy much of it. The first high quality fabric I ever bought was a half yard each of two coordinating prints in the "Chocolate Lollipop" line. I fell for the quality and the saturatedness of color. Well even when I bought that first bit - it was already discontinued. Then I fell hard for the Little Folks Voile - which wasn't even out yet. I swooned and somehow managed to have the best family ever who bought me a bunch for Christmas. Only then did I realise Good Folks. I broke down and bought a yard of this:
Good Folks, festival in dusk
to bind the quilt made with that beautiful Little Folks fabric.

 It looked perfect and felt just as wonderful as the voile. Great quality. And so then I was sold. Ok well it's all obviously my color scheme. Seriously bright bold saturated, not much white, lots of movement... oh and GREY! lol. Ok so it really makes me happy that the fabric has grey in it too. The only thing that could make it better... would be if there was a colorway of ANY of her fabrics that included purple (I recant, there will be... Crush has some purple).

As I was getting to... I feel like I need to go crazy trying to locate this fabric to buy it before it's all gone. Not that it's easy to find it all in one place ever anyway (even before being discontinued). Which is why I don't have any of any colorway in "Cathedral." Should I cut my losses and just move on and ask for her Crush line for Christmas, or save my pennies now and try to scoop up more? I feel like that Festival in the pink and blue will always make me swoon....

Anyone know of a fabric shop in the Chicagoland area that sells Good Folks?


  1. I hope someone has an answer for you! There are two shops in my area and I'm pretty sure that neither of them has any. I'm honestly not even sure that either of them carries any AMH (although they certainly should!).

  2. I know you said, local...but I did see at Hawthorne Threads (online) that they have this color in stock....

  3. Not to rub it in, but had almost all of these prints for $3.99 a yard back in July. $3.99! I couldn't believe it. Anyway, I would check there periodicly to see if they get anymore, often they will get in single bolts of discontinued fabrics and send them immediately to the clearance sale.