Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pincushion - finished

Pincushion - finished
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A while back I joined the Scrappy Pincushion Swap on flickr. I've got a great partner and we like similar colors/fabrics. She isn't too picky and said she'd like pretty much anything. Here's what I've come up with so far!

I decided to go with a tiny little wonky star. I like it and everything, but the star didn't pop very well. So I figured maybe I'd outline it with some stitches on the machine. This is the first time I used the "tripple stitch" on my machine - of course using that light blue (I completely ran myself out of pink and purple thread with a recent baby quilt). It turned out well, but I'm not completely won over with that blue stitching. Whatever. I decided I'll make another one and send them both! I labeled the back and everything (which is actually my favorite detail on this, the little "X" stitches on the back, holding the label).

Partner, hope you like it!!

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