Saturday, July 6, 2013

Did you remember the interfacing?

Just a quick PSA for you guys! Stop by your local Joann's and you might just see one of my projects! Two of the new Pellon products will feature pics of my projects on the packaging cover!

See? That's me, the bicycle keychain (bottom right). I'm way excited about this! My mom was in town when I went to see it for myself - and she was so adorable saying "I think I'll buy one just to show my co-workers!" lol Mom! 

I haven't seen it in stores yet, but my Bubble Pillow graces the cover of another product package too!

And last but not least - these cute project sheets will be on the Pellon displays at Joann's soon (I really have no idea when, but they're coming!). I'm pretty sure I'll geek out and tell all the fabric cutters at my Joann's when I see those project cards! :) 

Stop by Pellon's Project Page to see more of my projects. 


  1. ack! I wish I would have known this yesterday, because I was at JoAnn's and I would have totally looked for these! This gives me a reason to go back, though :)

  2. So not surprised and so proud for you! Will be checking my JoAnn's!!

  3. we have a JoAnns here, and sometimes I go in looking for crafts etc. I'll look for it the next time I go in! :)

  4. congrats! that's so cool! I'll be able to point that out to my mom and say, Hey! look! I *sort of* know her... hehe....
    maybe one day something i've made will be pictured somewhere...