Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Allie has a new Ice Cream Dress!

I'm so behind on blogging. Sorry guys, life comes first you know! 

As busy as life is, I can't keep from sharing this adorable dress that my friend Emily made for Allie!  Emily has the dress making skills that I lack, and this dress is absolutely adorable! Yes, that's Echino, and it has bugs and lizards hiding in the print!!  We love it! Emily made it for me for my birthday - we're doing a little side swap for our birthdays (along with Elaine - I need to do my project for Elaine soon!!). 

I'm so glad we've gotten a few sweet pics of Allie in this dress, she looks so adorable in it!! So far we've kept if clear of all chocolate and ice cream! 

Thanks Emily!!! 

PS The pattern used was the Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress!


  1. !!!!!!!!! so cute Em!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for taking pics of your cutie Allie in the dress, glad you BOTH like it :)

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwww! She's adorable (and so is Emily!)

  3. Ah, so cute!! I haven't seen this print before - it's so fun!

  4. Fabulous dress! I want one please! ;-)
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  5. This is an adorable version of this dress! Allie looks adorable in it, too! Emily is a great seamstress and her clothing always looks awesome.