Thursday, July 4, 2013

Chicago MQG Calender Challenge

I love that tags their fabrics - it's so helpful for the solids!
My guild is putting together a calender full of quilts - and to fill up all those pretty spots we're having a challenge. Each person participating was assigned a season to inspire their quilt. At the end we'll have a judge to help us decide who get's the "main" picture for each month. We'll have them professionally photographed for the calender, which is pretty cool.

As it is I have two and a half weeks until the quilt is due! Way to leave it to the last minute! Luckily I've had the quilt planned for a couple months. I used the design tool to draw it all out.

I finally got around to ordering the fabrics a couple weeks ago. My assigned season is Summer, and I'm shooting for a rainbow sherbet color scheme!

Today I had a few hours to test out a block, and cut all my fabrics. I usually don't make quilts like this - I typically cut as I go. My hope for this project is to offer the pattern for sale - so I figured it would be best to do all the cutting at once. (Man cutting takes time doesn't it?!)

My pattern is made up of various drunkard's path blocks. I didn't have a small size rotary cutter to work with my circle cutter acrylic ruler - so I made a template and did it the old fashioned way. I did cut four pieces at once though - to speed up the process a bit. 

Chocolate is necessary for a big fabric cutting session!
I'm happy to say I had enough time to piece about a third of the blocks today too - they turned out so nicely!! I'm loving the colors!!!

Here's hoping I can get this one done in time!! 


  1. I agree, you should never settle down to do some serious cutting without some form of sugar!

  2. I really can't wait to see what you have come up with! Your color palette is great.

    Cutting is definitely a drag! I think the cutting as you go along goes more with your typical style of quilting, too. If I am making a pattern, it's definitely nice to finish something and be able to check it off of the list, even if it is just the cutting :)