Monday, July 15, 2013

Free Pieced Inspiration

My husband is a cemetery enthusiast (yes that's odd isn't it?). For the most part it's fun - running around cemeteries looking for ancient graves and such. Today we took a little family trip to a local mausoleum (my husband's great great grandparents are buried there), and I was shocked by the totally awesomely free stained glass windows! Insane! I need a minute of free time to make a mini inspired by this! 

Have you guys found any great quilt inspiration in strange places this summer??


  1. that IS really cool stained inspiration found in strange places yet but i haven't gotten out much so there, LOL!

  2. I agree...stained glass windows are always so inspiring. Also, if you are in a church (especially an old one), look down! The tile floors usually have amazing patterns.

  3. The glass is definitely cool! My friend took me once to this cemetery in the Riverside/Brookfield area, not too far from the zoo. There is one newer cemetery (where all of the Cardinals are buried) and then across the street is the older cemetery. I could have definitely stayed there all day looking at all of the headstones and personal mausoleum buildings. Have you guys been to that one, you know since I gave such a great discription and all?