Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Moo Mini Cards!

Mini Moo Cards!

I've been meaning to re-order my Moo Mini Cards recently - I really love the last batch that I'd ordered, but I had accidentally left my email address off the card (not very helpful!). So it's been on my to do list recently.

I knew if I waited long enough they'd offer free shipping - and last week they did! Moo has a friend referral program where orders using the friend link will get 10% off their first order - and the referring friend gets $ toward moo products. Apparently I'd blogged about the last time I ordered Moo Minis because I had some money waiting on my Moo account! Pretty good deal! I paid nothing for this order!

I don't know what the process is to print these cards... but I placed my order last Thursday (late night), and they arrived Monday. That's crazy!

I use these cards in swap packages, as tags on any custom orders or gifts, and to pass out whenever I have the need - at work when I'm chatting with a fellow quilter, etc. I especially wanted new ones with my email on them for QuiltCon! Now I'm all ready for the trip! Ok not ALL ready, but still, one step closer!

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