Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Little Pouch Hop {Challenge} ... Progress!

happy little pouch hop
Drawstring pouch

Alright alright. That accountability thing that was happening when Elaine and I were making the same pouch each day....


To use less words and more pretty pictures I'll explain it simply: we've both skipped a day or two here or there. However, in the end we have both finished a wild amount of pouches so far!

happy little pouch hop
Makeup bags

Yesterday I completed a whopping 4 pouches! I made three using Sew Like My Mom's Makeup Bag Tutorial. I made three at a time since I figured several people on my christmas list would enjoy them. They turned out really great and the instructions were nice and clear. The only thing  I did differently is that instead of sewing down the sides of the lining and the outside all in one line, I first sewed each part (lining and then outer) individually up the side until I was close to the zippered part - then layered them together to back-stitch a bit and then sew the rest of the length of the sides... this gave me much more room to sew those boxed corners individually, and didn't effect the finished pouch. (I'm sure that made no sense but it really did make a difference, I should have taken a picture though!)

I also sewed another of Jeni's Drawstring Bags. I really love how cleanly these come together! I used some sweet Laurie Wisbrun bunny fabric which I thought to be fitting to use on Jeni's pattern, since Jeni's sweet bunny George makes appearances on her blog all the time. :)

It turns out that I seriously love that little bunny drawstring - I want it for myself. Is that bad? I really made it with my niece Rosemarie in mind... but I have another project in mind for her too, does that mean she won't miss this pouch? :) I haven't decided. lol.


  1. Make Rosemarie the other thing you have planned, then you can decide whether to send her the new thing, or the pouch, or both! Wanting to keep something for yourself is a good sign that you made something great - I think you'll pass it on to her because it's so lovely :D So are your pouches - you're really assembly-lining it!

  2. I love the drawstring pouch, I don't think I'd be able to give it away! I have one of them on my list to make, just waiting on my fabric to arrive :) Four pouches in one day is very impressive, even if you didn't do one every day!

  3. Your drawstring pouch is so cute! I love the little bunnies!

  4. I just made one of these make-up bags :) It came together okay, but next time I will definitely stitch it together like you was a bit fiddly with stitching all the way down and then trying to do the corners. Very cute when finished, though!