Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy Little Pouch Hop: Day 7 - Elizabeth & Emily

I’ve had the joy of having met both today’s guests in person!

First off, have known Elizabeth for a couple years now. I’ve read her blog for a long time, and I’m lucky enough to be in her bee (Sew Beautiful) - seriously I’m not sure how I lucked into this bee! Elizabeth blogs at Don’t Call Me Betsy and we met in person at Sewing Summit last year. Elizabeth is wildly talented - you’ve seen her work all over the place - my favorite? Her bee quilt (the spiderwebs) made the cover of “International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene”! Check out her finished quilts here. She’s sure to inspire you too!

Next we have a post by Emily (or as my daughter calls her “friend Emily”). Emily is my closest quilt friend, and we sometimes find ourselves up sewing/chatting very late at night. Although she doesn’t have a blog (yet), she shares her quilting and sewing journey on flickr. She is a huge Oliver & S fanatic and makes tons of pretty dresses for her cousin’s kids (and Allie too!). Her personal style and eye for color are exceptional. Here’s a great example of her eye for color - her “Mine!” quilt - the intentionally paired groups of color in each block blows my mind!

Emily’s guest post will be hosted here on my blog (unless she starts her own by then!!). Read it below:

 A Squirrely Pouch and a Review:

Squirrely Pouch Full

Hello everybody and Happy Tuesday!  My name is Emily and today I am here to share with you a pretty little pouch I made using a Purl Bee tutorial called Lovely Liberty Coin Purses.  

Squirrely Pouch Open

Now in the tutorial they talk about the kits that they are selling...they don’t sell those anymore.  BUT they do sell the frames (they come with paper rope and a pattern) and then all you need is some fabric, thread, sew in interfacing and glue and you are ready to go!  When I got my handle in the mail I noticed that the pattern in the package (which is written in Japanese) was not the same shape as the one in the tutorial so I reshaped the bottom of my pattern to look rounded like the tutorial...other than that I followed directions I swear!  

The sewing together the little purse was way easy and then came the gluing (I used this glue).  Mine got a little messy but I used a strong toothpick to help stuff in the purse edge and the paper rope.  Oh and I didn't crimp the frame...I just put in some extra glue and called it a day.  

Squirrely Pouch side

In the end this project was way super easy and the frames are so nice, I just love the big spheres and the colors!  This was my first ever metal framed pouch and I love it and will definitely be making more.  The many pictures in the tutorial make it super easy to follow and the final product is so cute!

Squirrely Pouch Detail

I made my Squirrely Pouch using David Walker’s Squirrels and Nuts fabric in Sea and some Pure Organic solid in Orange on the inside, the clasp color I chose is tortoise shell.  


  1. The squirrel fabric is so cute! Great job on the pouch!

  2. You are so sweet, I am so flattered, and positively blushing over all the nice things you said about me :) And I love Emily's pouch! That squirrel fabric is adorable!!

  3. gorgeous purse - love the frame too :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous little pouch with us! It's so cute!

  5. Thanks for letting me post on your Blog Em!