Thursday, August 9, 2012

Reasons why I love my landlords...

This one tops the list!

The sewing gods (aka my landlords) dropped this beautiful Singer 301a on my door step last week! They told me that a friend was clearing out their house and no longer wanted it. They had no idea if it worked or if I'd have a use for it - but told me that the friend had sewn her kids clothes on it, and that she may find the extra parts at some point in the cleaning (lol).

Yes indeed it does work!

With a little bit of searching online I found the full manual, so I could thread her up! I only have one bobbin so I haven't yet checked to see if the bobbin winder works, otherwise everything is in working order. With only the very little searching that I did, I found that this machine was manufactured in the 50's - it's amazing that after about 60 years it's still working beautifully!

What a nice machine. After scanning through the manual I do hope that the extra parts turn up - it seems like it came with a lot of feet! I could use a spare bobbin too.

If you know me, you know I'll have to mention how fast it is... up to 1500 stitches per minute? that's pretty fast! :) That's just about as fast as my Juki, and much faster than my other Singers!

I'm lucky to rent from such nice people (they're nice all around), but this is pretty fantastic! Now I want to go play with it!

(PS does anyone have experience with this model? Drop me a line, I'd love to hear what you think of it!)


  1. What a great machine! Its the era of the Featherweights so I'm sure it sews well. If you need info about old machines you should drop Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville a line. She has a large old machine collection and seems very knowledgeable.

  2. You can also join the vintage singer list at Yahoo, go to the ismacs website, go here: , and here: . That should keep you busy for awhile! Try cleaning and polishing the finish with TR-3. A little patience and gentle elbow grease will be well-rewarded. Have fun!

  3. Wow that is so lucky and amazing that it's still in fine working order. I hope she finds the rest of the parts for you =D

  4. Awesome! And I really like your current header. :-)

  5. I love vintage machines! I have a couple, ahem, a few. The heavy metal construction of those old machines lasts a life time! Nice landlords indeed.

  6. Emily, you can get all kinds of parts and accessories for this machine, from a new bobbin winder tire to a walking foot! I'd be happy to share my online resources with you! I have this machine with all the accessories that were standard plus a zigzag attachment and automatic buttonholer! These machines are AWESOME!