Thursday, August 2, 2012

WIP Weds (thursday)

CMQG Modern Art Challenge for Natalie
Where has the last week gone?

I'm knee deep in WIP's this week. I typically don't leave things hangning when I haven't surpassed a spacific step (a full block done. etc). But not this week. I've got half projects all over the place!

Let see:
I have a bee block that's half finished - hand drawn paper pieced... all the sections are pieced, but only one quadrant is sewn together... I guess I'm a little late on that one since it's now august! Eep!

This little guy measures just 3.5" square... yep that's a 1/4" border. 
Then I've got some teensy peicing done for a special tiny piecing blog post... but you'd know that I have the blog post written and had to go back and take pictures for all the steps. Now I have all the steps photographed but no desire to add them in to the blog post / edit. lol. Soon soon. It'll be a fun one.

I'm wrapping up some loose ends with my QuiltCon funding - have a couple pouches to deliver this weekend and a couple more to ship out tomorrow. My lovely MIL has put money down for an order of mug rugs for Christmas gifts for all her co-workers --- which means: I've hit my goal and I'm going to QuiltCon! :) lol. This will actually cover some of my hotel stay too! I'm a little excited to work on some mug rugs too - I haven't made one in a while!

Also, this little girl helped me sew up this little mug rug for my MIL for her birthday. Allie was so excited to help. She picked the fabrics and helped me feed them through the machine. She was very patient, which I'll need to keep in mind for the future!

I finished reading a book yesterday (this counts as a project finished?) It was a quilting related book suggested to me/loaned to me by my quilty friend Emily. The book was "O the Red Rose Tree" by Patricia Beatty. It was a pretty good read. It reminded me of my days in 4th grade when I was reading through the Little House On the Prairie books.

Ok now for the WIP count - this is a very imprecise list.

  • Lindsey's quilt - ran out of white thread - back needs to be pieced, then basted, quilted and bound. I'm getting close!
  • Bella bella quilt - no progress.
  • CMQG Modern Art Challenge: mostly finished with the quilt top - but need to finish the same part on the "sister quilt" so that I have one to keep.
  • My Precious QAL - basted and ready to quilt. Not sure if I'll quilt it now or wait - I really aught to buy a new walking foot first.
  • Bee block for July - in progress
  • Some pouches - one for my mom specifically --- I need to get that done!
Actual finishes:
  • Bella solids quilt - finished!! I need to take some pictures of it though! 


  1. Gosh what a lot of WIPs. Hope to see some of those become finishes this month =D

  2. Glad to hear I'm not the only one with a lot of unfinished business hanging around. lol. So glad to hear you've reached your goal of r Quiltcon - I'm still trying to decide if it's worth the money, based on the cost.